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If the space still isn't big enough, turn it back, open it more Body Jewelry, and try again. Never force it out. To put a captive bead ring in, first make sure both the jewelry and your hands are clean. If you bought the jewelry from a piercing studio and kept it in its package, it should be fine. Open the new CBR using the same method you did the last one. Place the ball somewhere clean that it will not roll away (a tray is preferred) while you insert the ring. Carefully touch one end of the ring to the piercing hole and rotate the ring, being careful to allow it to slide through the piercing. This may take some practice and gentle prodding. Again, don't force it. body piercing jewelry images If you feel it catch or think it's not going in the right direction, remove the ring and try again. Generally, the less you think about it, the easier it is. Use your pliers to gently close the ring, leaving just enough room to allow the bead to snap in place. The bead will either have a hole all the way through or indentations on both sides, which is where the ring holds the bead. Grab the bead, line up the indentations up with the ends of the jewelry, nipple piercibg retainers and firmly push to pop the bead between them. If the bead is correctly inserted, you shouldn't be able to pull it back out, but it should still rotate on the axis of the ring itself.